Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring edition!

With summer fast approaching I decided I needed to shake up my make up! Brighter lips & nails, lighter bases, fresh glowly skin and long lasting make up is on the agenda! 

These two bases are two of my favourite for this time of year. The Rimmel Wake me up foundation has been my favourite since this time last year, I love the luminous finish it gives me, feels so light. The other base is the Rimmel Matte BB Cream, this is slightly lighter, I feel it just smoothes everything out.  It also contains spf15 which is an added bonus.

L-R;Swatch of Soft & Gentle,swatch of Matte Bronze

I love all three of these products! The first is Mac Mineralize skinfinish in Soft and gentle, I love this on the apples of my cheeks or just as a simple highlight, it's gorgeous! To the left of this is Mac bronzing powder in Matte Bronze, I love this as a contour colour as it contains no shimmer, or as an all over bronzer to warm up my face, which I need in Spring/ Summer! Beneath that is Bare Minerals Orginal SPF 15 Foundation, I love this alone (after concealer), or to use very lightly as a setting powder. 

L-R; Afternoon Tea, Scandal,below that is Pink Lemondae 

I love blushes especially this time of year! The first blush is Topshop's cream blush in Afternoon Tea. This blush is wearable (even if it looks bright!), its super blendable, but dries to a powder. I definitely recommend Topshop's make up. To the left is a blush from Accessorize, in Scandal, its a gorgeous merged blush with rosy pink and gold highlight shade running through. I love to wear this on the apple of my cheeks and then use it as a highlight, it could be either! Finally, underneath is Elf's all over colour stick in Pink lemondae. I have to say this really does smell like lemonade! This is a cream blush but could also be used at a lip colour. This is a dark pink colour with gold/silver shimmer running through. 

L-R,top to bottom; Stila brow pen, Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner, Bodyshop due & Maybelline Colour tattoo

With the weather getting warmer I like to use products with good longevity. The first product is Stila Stay all day brow colour in Dark. My brows are something I always try to perfect, not that it happens often! This brow pen is really easy to use, and does stay all day. I definitely recommend spending the extra money on this if you want your brows to stay all day. I find that nude eyeliner still gives the same effect as white eyeliner, but sometimes white can be a tad harsh. This stays pretty long aswell as being reasonably priced! Next is a Bodyshop due in Copper, I have blue eyes so I feel coppery/bronzey shades bring that out. These colours are gorgeous and work so well together. Finally, is a product that everyone went crazy for and I still love, its Maybellines Colour Tattoo in On & on bronze. This has great longevity and works great by itself or with other shadows over the top. 

L-r and top to bottom; Lush bubblegum scrub,Lush popcorn scrub,Sleek pout polish Peach Perfection, Bodyshop Pink grapefruit lip butter

As the weather gets warmer I focus on my lip care more, what with all the bright lip colour wearing!
One of my favourite products for this is from Lush, its the Lip scrubs, I have two in Popcorn and Bubblegum. With these, you put them on your lips and rub a little with your finger, then you can lick them off, yum! These do amazing things to your lips as well. Next is lip balms. First is Sleek's Pout polish with SPF15 in Peach Perfection, this smells so good, and leaves my lips feeling moisturised. Alternatively is Bodyshops Lip butter in Pink grapefruit, this smells just as good and leaves my lips feeling so smooth. 

L-r,Mac Coral bliss, Topshop Oh la la, Mac Please Me

Warmer weather, brighter lips! First is Mac's lipstick in Coral Bliss, this is a cremesheen finish, so perfect for keeping lips moisturised. This is a slightly coral/pink shade. Next is Topshop's lipstick in Oh La La, this is a brighter coral shade, almost an orange. This is hard to wear, but when you get it right, its gorgeous! Lastly, is Mac's lipstick in Please Me, this is a Matte finish, which can be drying, so you'd need to make sure your lips are moisturised beforehand.

Top to bottom; Rimmel Colour rush "Make me blush", Soap & Glory Sexy mother pucker in "Pink apricot", Soap & Glory Sexy mother pucker in "Yummy plum", Revlon Lacquer balm in "Demure".

First is Rimmel Colour rush in "Make me blush", this smells gorgeous and leaves my lips feeling moisturised. Lovely bright pink colour for the Spring. Next up is Soap & Glory Sexy mother pucker in "Pink apricot" and Soap & Glory Sexy mother pucker in "Yummy plum", this are lip plumbers, which isn't the most comfortable thing, but if you can get past this, they are lovely, gorgeous opaque colours. Lastly, is Revlon Lacquer balm in "Demure", this is a lighter option to wear, this isn't drying and is just a nice day to day pink shade.

L-r; Mememe highlighter not blended & blended

Next is some miscellaneous bits. First is MUA fixing mist, this is comparable to Fix+ by Mac or Urban Decays All nighter spray. I used this when I've finished my make up to stop me looking powdery (a problem with my dry skin), it also claims to make your make up last longer, and it feels so refreshing! Next is a beauty blender, I use this damp (sprayed with the MUA mist) I'll used it to blend in my foundation or sometimes my powder, I feel it gives a better finish than any brush can. Lastly is a new highlighter that I got in a Glossybox (read about it here-great concept!). This is a Mememe highlighter called Beat the Blues in "Pearl Pink", this is similar to Benefit High beam. I like using less powders in hotter weather, so this product is brilliant. I'll use it at the tops of my cheek bones, down my nose or above my cupids bow, leaves a lovely sheen to the face. 

L-R; Maybelline Colour show in " Coral Craze", Ciate Paint pot in "Cocktail dress", Maybelline Colour show in "Nebline"

First is Maybelline Colour show in " Coral Craze" this is a gorgeous true coral shade, the colour show shades are really opaque and go on perfectly. Next is Ciate Paint pot in "Cocktail dress", this is a lovely dark pink shade, again goes on lovely. Finally is Maybelline Colour show in "Nebline", this is an alternative to the bright shades, this a gorgeous pale pink shade, like the other Colour show it goes on perfectly. 

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

TMI tag!

So I watched Fleur do this tag last night, so decided to give it a go on here. This is a really long tag, so be prepared!

1: What are you wearing? I won't lie,dressing gown and pjs
2: Ever been in love? Yeah, I believe I am, at the moment
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Mmm one sticks in my mind, won't go into details to save embarrassment, but it was horrible, I'd love to get it erased from my memory!
4: How tall are you? 5″2, I haven't grown in about four years
5: How much do you weigh? TMI!
6: Any tattoos? Only one on my forearm, I did a post on it here. Definitely want more though!
7: Any piercings? Only my ears in the moment, I used to have my nose pierced and my tongue, neither lasted long.
8: OTP? The 1D boys are all pretty cute together, but foodwise its got to be cookie dough ice cream, mmm!
9: Favorite Show? Dr Who, I'm a geek at heart! Walking dead is another favourite, reality series I can get into, Peter Andre was one! Made In Chelsea I never miss either, or Hollyoaks. 
10: Favorite bands? I listen to most chart music, but I love Maverick Sabres voice, Ben Howard, Ellie Goulding are favourites. Peter Andre is my guilty pleasure!
11: Something you miss? Being stress free, doing 3 A levels, is a lot of pressure, I definitely took for granted how easy my GCSE years were. 
12: Favorite song? Um even though its my alarm sound I still love it, Maverick Sabre- I need. 
13: How old are you? Eighteen
14: Zodiac sign? Sagittarius 
15: Quality you look for in a partner? Humour, a caring personality, someone sweet :-)
16: Favorite Quote? I have "Believe in yourself" tattooed, so that's got to be a favourite! Also, "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" - Dr Seuss.
17: Favourite actor? Got to be Lenardo Dicaprio, hands down. Everything he's been in is brilliant, Shutter Island was amazing, Wolf of Wall street and obviously Titanic!
18: Favorite color? Probably a sky blue colour or bronze
19: Loud music or soft? Depends, if I'm working I can do either, depends on the type of music too!
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? Bed definitely, have a cry, put some crappy tv on!
21: How long does it take you to shower? Under ten minutes, I do it all so quick, don't like staying in too long, I'm prone to sore wrinkly hands :( 
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? For sixth form I wake up 45 minutes before I have to leave, but if I had as long as I wanted I'd probably take over an hour
23: Ever been in a physical fight? Nope
24: Turn on? Physically, probably eyes or a smile, but personality wise, just someone easy to talk to, someone you have tension with.
25: Turn off? Physically its got to be people who brag about what they wear/ what they have (have a few of those at my sixth form!), but personality wise its got to be arrogance, gets on my nerves! 
26: The reason I joined Blogger? I've been reading blogs/watching youtube channels for at least five years now, I haven't got any friends who are into beauty like I am, so its a place where I can write about everything I love (and sometimes hate!), and talk to like minded people.
27: Fears? The thought of losing people close to me is scary.
28: Last thing that made you cry? Wow, I haven't cried in a while! Probably when I laughed to the point when I cried a little.
29: Last time you said you loved someone? A few hours ago to my boyfriend before he went to work.
30: Meaning behind your Blogger Name? I wanted something that flowed together, also baking & beauty are my passions, so it fitted :-)
31: Last book you read? Before the one I'm reading now it was probably "The road" for my English A level last year.
32: The book you’re currently reading? For my birthday my boyfriend got me a book called "Thick as thieves, its about funny ways thieves have been caught and outdated laws, for example in Ohio law it is forbidden by law to get a fish drunk, there's some crazy laws that have been kept! 
33: Last show you watched? How I met your mother last night :)
34: Last person you talked to? My nan before I came upstairs to write this post, other than that I've just text my best friend
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My best friend Louise!
36: Favorite food? This is so difficult! I love ribs, chicken anything! Fried chicken, chicken korma, roast chicken, I'm crazy for chicken.
37: Place you want to visit? So many! I'd love to visit Germany again, America and Canada, and I'd love to see the Northern lights!
38: Last place you were? Um at the moment I'm in my house, haven't left today! But last night I was at my friends Louise's!
39: Do you have a crush? Me and my boyfriend have been together a year now, but both still have our celebrity crushes, Lenardo Dicaprio being one of mine!
40: Last time you kissed someone? Last Sunday, when I left my boyfriend, or yesterday if a kiss on the cheek counts? It was my nan :-) 
41: Last time you were insulted? Probably at school yesterday sometime!
42: Favourite flavour of sweet? I love rainbow drops! 
43: What instruments do you play? None :( I used to be in recorder club in primary school, had one piano lesson but didn't like the teacher. My boyfriends tried to teach me the guitar/ piano, neither have worked out. 
44: Favourite piece of jewellery? I have a bracelet my mum brought me when I was born, that was pretty special.
45: Last sport you played? Oh wow, I can't even remember that!
46: Last song you sang? 99 problems was on the music channel a minute ago, I had a little sing along!
47: Favourite chat up line? The only one I can think of is,"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?" cringey!
48: Have you ever used it? No, I've never used one on anyone, definitely too shy!
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Last night.
50: Who should answer these questions next? Anyone who wants too!

Wow they were long! Hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading,

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Latest everyday make up!

Hello lovelies, I know its been a while but I'm back with lots of posts lined up for you all! Today's post is my latest everyday make up, this tends to change a lot as I'm always trying out different things I've brought, so I thought I'd show you what bits I'm using at the mo!

The first picture is this really cool storage. The rest of my make up is stored in my Muji drawers (upcoming blog post spoiler!), but I have all my favourite, most used pieces in this storage container from Ebay, click here to see it! This is really handy if you want to get ready super quick in the mornings.

First we've got primers, two sorts, a face primer and an eye primer! The face primer is L'oreal studio secrets anti dull primer, this is a pinky coloured primer. I'm not sure how much it helps my skin not look "dull" but it definitely helps the longevity of my make up. Don't be scared of the colour, once rubbed it, it has no colour at all. The eye primer is from Elf (recently ordered some bits from there, and really impressed with a couple!). The colour is "Little miss thing", a golden bronze pencil. I've worn this a few times, alone and with shadow over the top, and I'd definitely say it works best with shadow over the top. Let me know if you want me to show you some of the bits I picked up from Elf!

Next we've got foundations! I keep two in here, mainly because one is matte and the other quite glowly. If I'm having a good skin day I'll go for the Rimmel Wake me up foundation as it gives a lovely glow to the skin. However if my skin is bad, I'll go for the Rimmel Match perfection foundation, as I wouldn't want the Wake me up, to highlight any blemishes, and the match perfection has a little bit more coverage. I do really enjoy Rimmel foundations!

Three concealers in my everyday favourites, a lot but they all have they're uses! The first one is the Seventeen Heavy duty under eye concealer, this isn't the concealer I use for under my eyes the most, but I want to try it out more, so it's there! Next is Benefit Erase paste, this is more my skin colour than the other concealers so works wonders for any blemishes! Finally, we have Collection's lasting perfection concealer (used so much, the writings come off!), I'm sure you've heard everyone raving about this concealer. It's brilliant under the eyes, great coverage, amazing longevity and doesn't crease on me!

Next we've got face powders (sort of!). The first is a blush from Elf, this is brilliant! Highly pigmented, and a gorgeous rosy pink with golden shimmer, not to mention the amazing price (under £4!). Next to that is my setting powder, Mac mineralize Skin finish Natural, you've probably heard this a million times but this is a gorgeous powder. Funny to say that about a powder, but it does leave such a lovely look on your skin, without feeling too heavy.

Next is the only eyeshadows I have in here and my brow kit. The eyeshadows are the Urban Decay Naked basics palette, gorgeous matte colours, so easy to do an everyday look without thinking too much. If you have darker brows like me you can also use some of these shades as a brow colour & if you use the black shadow on an angled brush and apply where you would liquid liner, it looks just the same, but so much easier. My brow kit is from Seventeen, very affordable and comes with everything you need. A brow gel, powder, highlighter, pencil and brush are all included, this would be brilliant for someone just starting to do their brows. 

Next is the miscellaneous products, they're didn't really fit elsewhere :( First is my Maybelline brow masacara, this is just like hairspray but for your brows! After filling them in and defining them how I like, I swipe the mascara over them, and I can guarantee they'll stay in place all day. If you do purchase this, be careful to apply with a light hand to avoid making your brows look crispy. Next is a holy grail, this is Rimmels volume flash mascara, it does things to my lashes that I haven't had another mascara do! Finally when I was ordering some bits off Elf, the Zit zapper caught my eye, I was having a break out at the time. I don't want to give an opinion on this yet as I haven't had it long, but its just there so its close to hand to put on those pesky blemishes.

Next we have lip products, the first product I have is Collections Cream puff lipgloss in "Candyfloss", I don't tend to wear pinks as bright as this on my lips a lot but this is fast becoming an everyday use of mine, dries onto my lips a lovely colour and a great price- no faults. Next is another Elf product, this is a Matte lip colour in "Tea Rose", when I saw this on the website I was expecting it to have more colour than it does. However these products are listed under lip sticks but also under lip pencils, so I may just use this with something over the top. Guess where the next product is from...Elf! This is a lip stain in Pink petal. This product really disappointed me, its extremely sheer, but I can chuck it on quickly, so I'll keep it there for now!

Last but not least is some more lip products. The first is Maybellines baby lips, I have it in "Minty fresh", I would have preferred to have a tinted one but my Superdrug run out before I got my hands on one! However, tinted or not, this is still a lovely nourishing lip balm. Next is one of my favourite lip sticks, this is Macs Pretty Please, which is a Matte. I find this very wearable, and not especially drying. Finally, the last product is a Max factor sample lipstick I have in English Rose,this is a gorgeous darker pink/ slightly coral and leaves a lovely sheen on my lips!

So that's it for what's in my everyday make up stash, a little insight into my collection. 
Thanks for reading,
Rosie xxx

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Tattoo time!

Before we get into this post I wanted to say I know that tattoos aren't everyone's thing but when I was deciding what to get I read a lot about tattoos so I thought I'd write my own post about my experience. As a disclaimer I'd like to say I was the legal age when I got this done (18), and I thought long and hard about what to get etc. With that done lets talk about tattoos! 

 This is the tattoo I got, its on my forearm and I love it!

This is the original design I'd wanted, but after trying out the stencils on my arm in so many different positions I decided to get the top one! 

Why did you get it?
There's been certain times at my life where I haven't believed in myself,no matter how many people told me I should. Now I do believe in myself (majority of the time!) and I think it's very important to be able to do that. It's just a message to remind myself that no matter what's going on,I need to feel like I can do whatever I set my mind too.

I originally planned to have the quote in two lines on my wrist. However when I got to the tattooists, he tried the stencil out in different places, and this was one of the places he tried it out, I really liked it here! I feel it can be easily covered up too,when I need it to be.

The upper parts of the tattoo wasn't too bad,it wasn't painless but it was bearable. It felt like a dragged out cat scratch. The part closest to my wrist,especially the 'B' hurt the worst! However the tattooist was lovely and did this part very quickly. The pain wouldn't put me off getting another tattoo.

For this size and style id say it should have been around £30,however I knew the tattooist so got it discounted but I think it should have been around £30!

The aftercare wasn't too bad. My tattooist just recommended to wash it regularly,like you normally would in the shower anyway. The worst part of the aftercare came about two days after I got it,when it started to scab (they're meant to scab,for your skin to heal),during this time you can't pick or scratch it,which was so hard as it was so itchy! During this time as well your tattoo can look almost patchy but this was just the scabs,don't worry,like I did! It's completely normal! The scabbing lasted around a week and looked normal after this time.

Thanks for reading,
Rosie xxx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Favourite beauty products of 2013!

First off I want to say I hope you had a brilliant New Years Eve and I wish you all the luck I can for 2014! Its that time of the year again, here's my favourite beauty products from the whole of 2013. I haven't gone for the categories,as I may not have a favourite lipbalm etc, I wouldn't want to pick one for the sake of it,I wanted to show you my absolute favourites, so I've picked the top 25 :-)

In the first picture is my favourite brushes, as you can see they consist of a lot of Real Techniques brushes! I have tried a lot of other brushes this year and I feel these give me the best effect and they're affordable. The first brush is the Real Techniques "Buffing brush", I find this brush perfect for liquid foundation,as the name states, it is great for buffing the foundation right into your skin. This is one of the softest brushes I have for my face, and I haven't found that it shreds yet. The next favourite brush of mine is the Real Techniques "Contour brush", I use this for contouring (obviously!), but it can also be used for highlight or blush if you fancied! I feel this brush picks up the right amount of product and this one is also so so soft! My next and final Real Techniques brush is the "Pointed foundation brush", I don't use this for foundation, I don't like these sorts of brushes for that, I feel they don't blend as well as other brushes. However I do like using this brush to blend in my concealer,  as it is pointed it's really easy to get into certain places, like the bottom of your nose, I'm glad I found another use for this brush, you can always use any brush for any use if you feel like it works! My final brush is the Mac 208 brush, the "Angled eyebrow brush", as I've said on another blog post, this has made doing my eyebrows so much easier! This brush is perfect and versatile, it could also be used for putting eyeshadow across your lid (like eyeliner, but softer). 

In the second picture is some of my favourite face products. The first is my Mac Matchmaster foundation in "1.0". This foundation is supposed to adapt to your skintone, I'm not sure how much of that is does, but I like the coverage and longevity this foundation has, and I also like that it has SPF 15 it in, so I don't have to worry about putting sun protection on my face as well! I tend to use this foundation in the evenings, or during the day when I feel I need a bit more coverage than normal. The next product is Rimmels Wake me up foundation in "100 Ivory". This is a lovely dewy foundation,not too heavy on your skin and easily blendable. This was great in Summer mixed with my moisturiser, really great price,definitely recommendable! My next face favourite was my MUA pro face mist,this is comparable to MAC fix+. This is great to use if you feel like you've over powdered or if your skins feeling a little dry,like water for your face. You do have to be careful with this as if you use too much it can leave your face feeling wet! I really loved this through the Summer months especially. It can also be used on an eyeshadow brush before applying eyeshadow to intensify the colour. Benefit Erase Paste was another favourite this year,this was brilliant for concealing blemishes on my face,too heavy for under the eyes but brilliant everywhere else,the coverage is great! This was rather expensive,at around £18 a pot,but I've had it since March and still got plenty left,you don't need a lot! I would definitely splurge on this product. My last base product that I loved was Collection's lasting perfection concealer,after hearing Zoella talk about this I had to try it out! This is perfect for under eye concealing,very buildable and very affordable! 

My next favourites are powders. The first I loved was Macs mineralized skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle' as you can see it's a gorgeous gold colour with darker gold veining. I love this as a highlight or on my cheeks during summer. This is expensive but versatile,it can also be used as an eyeshadow,imagine how much use you'd get if you just used it like that! The next is also a MAC product,another skinfinish,but nautural. Doesn't look like anything special,just a boring face powder, but this feels velvety on your face and I love it so set all my face make up. On the right is a Sleek product, this is a contour kit,with a lovey contour colour and gorgeous highlight colour. This is a product that'll keep your purse and face happy! 

My next favourites are some eye products. This might sound silly but I didn't own Urban Decays primer poition until 2013! You've probably heard a million other beauty bloggers/you tuners bang on about this,so I don't need to say much, but it does do exactly what everyone says,keeps your eyeshadow in place for ages and stops it from creasing! Bobbi Browns gel eyeliner in black is my next favourite,I've used plenty of other gel eyeliners before this one but this one is lovely to use. Doesn't dry up quickly, and easy to do eyeliner in a few strokes with this. My last favourite was this category was Rimmels 24 hour colour tatoo in 'On & On bronze' this is great as a base or just as a wash of colour,they have this in lots of colours and for under a fiver!

My next two favourites are at completely different ends of the price spectrum! First is an MUA eyeshadow palette in 'Heaven And Earth' this is an amazing price,around £6 for 12 shadows,and these are amazingly pigmented! You can get so many looks out of this one palette,day or night,all these shades are shimmery and gorgeous! My next palette is the higher end of the market! This is Urban Decays Naked basics palette around £20 for 6 shades,all are matte apart from one which is slightly shimmery.  This has gorgeous neutral shades but can be easily smoked up for an evening look. I would recommend this,the shades are lovely,pigmented and again you can also get so many looks out of one palette and it comes with a lovely big mirror in the compact! 

Lip products are my next favourites! I picked up Lushs lip scrub in popcorn back in September,this makes my lips so smooth and tastes delicious,and is a good price! I love this product. My next favourite is Rimmels apocalips in "304- Eclipse",a gorgeous deep berry shade,this has amazing staying power,affordable too! 

My next favourites are two Topshop lip products. The first is a lippy in "Beguiled",a rich,deep red shade and not drying! The other product is a lipgloss in "Cruel",this a a sheer berry/red shade.

The rest of my favourites are a bit random now! The first is Schwarzkopfs got2b guardian angel heat defence spray,this is an essential for me! I always try to protect my hair from heat when I dry/straighten it. This smells so gorgeous and as far as I can tell it protects my hair,it's not dry at all! Next to that is my Aussie volume and gloss hairspray,this is one of the best hairsprays I have tried. It smells lovely and keeps my hair in place,without looking greasy whatsoever!

My last favourites are my tangle teaser and my Bioderma. My tangle teaser has made brushing my hair after a shower so much easier! I have naturally very knotty hair and it doesn't matter if I've used a leave in conditioner,this is amazing for set de-tangling my hair without pain! My final favourite product of 2013 is Bioderma,this is a great cleanser,removes any trace of make up and leaves my face feeling lovely and soft!

So that's it! All my favourites of 2013,I hope you enjoyed it and maybe found some products you'd like to try out yourself! Thanks for reading,
Rosie xxx

Monday, 30 December 2013

Little festive look!

For foundation I tried out my MUA pro base kit in "Fair".
For concealer I used a mixture of Seventeen phwoarr paint under my eyes,also in "Fair".
For blemishes I used Gosh skin perfecting kit, in "Light".
To set it all I used Mac Mineralize skinfish Natural in "Light plus".
I then used my Sleek contour kit in the shade "Light" to contour my cheeks.
I didn't use the highlight shade from my Sleek palette, I tried my "Soft and gentle" skinfinish from Mac.

I used my new liquid eyeliner, Tattoo me from Seventeen, in Black, this was so hard to take off!
I also used "Crave" from my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette to set this.
For mascara I used Rimmel volume flash mascara in Black.
For eyebrows I used Seventeen "Brows that kit", this is very similar to Benefits brow kit, in terms of packaging and the products inside, I can't compare the quality as I don't own the Benefit kit at this moment! 

I started off with my Baby Lips in "Mint fresh", soothes my lips lovely, but very tingly, beware if you don't like lip products that tingle!
I then finished with my Topshop Lip gloss in "Cruel", this is lovely deep berry colour.

 I hope you liked my quick festive look, I know its almost over, but I want to drag it out a little longer!
Thanks for reading lovelies,
Rosie xxx

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Few early sale bits!

Naughty Rosie

First off I want to say I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day! I know it's Boxing day, and this isn't very Christmassey but I wanted to show you some purchases I made earlier this week. It's happened again! I was let loose in Boots and Superdrug and I was a bit naughty,but it felt sooo good. 

My first stop was Superdrug, I say stop, I was there a while!

Real techniques powder brush, I saw this in Superdrug last week and it was the last one then, but I talked myself out of it because I have so many powder brushes, but I went back today and it was still there, so I had to get it! 
This was £10.99 from Superdrug!

Do you ever get out of the shower and you just don't have the energy to moisturise? This could be my new holy grail shower product! Just sounds so time saving. 
I got the 400ml bottle for normal skin, this was £3.39 from Superdrug.

I'd seen this in Superdrug a few times before, but I'd never picked it up, today it took my fancy though! Beautiful bottle, hopefully the product is the same!
£5.99 from Superdrug.

I remember the hype about these products! I never really went out of my way to get these, but these was the last of any of the Babylips in my Superdrug, and I couldn't resist leaving it! I got the mint one.
This was £2.99 from Superdrug.

This is the MUA Pro face kit. It includes a foundation, and two concealers, as well as a brush and a sponge. I just thought I'd try it out!
This was £4.00 on sale from Superdrug.

This is the Gosh Skin perfecting kit in "Light". I was torn between buying this kit or the MUA kit, so I chose both! Naughty but worth it. I'm excited to try this out!
This was £9.99 from Superdrug.

This took my fancy as I walked past it! This promises to smooth facial areas for a matte finish, target visible pores, and create an excellent base for make up, so we'll see!
This was £8.66 on offer and again from Superdrug.

I then popped into Boots, only wanted to look at the Soap and Glory bits!

This is a gorgeous lipgloss from Collection, I spotted this last week too, but talked myself out of it because I'd brought so much! I couldn't stop myself when I saw this today though. The shade is "Candy floss".
This was £2.99 from Boots. 

I went into Boots to look at the Soap and Glory products in the first place! It was a 3 for 2 offer but I decided that I'd already spent too much today. This smell so nice, can't wait to use this!
This was £6.50 for 500ml from Boots.

This was the reason all the other Seventeen products got brought! This was £6 by itself or free if you spent over £8, so obviously I spent the £8. At the moment I'm using my Fashionista brow kit, or some shades from my Naked basics palette, but I saw this and I thought I'd give it a go!
This worked out free from Boots. 

As if I didn't buy enough concealers today! This is the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint (the Paint almost put me off!), but it describes itself as a heavy duty under eye concealer, and if you look inside my make up bag, you'll know how much I try to cover the dark circles under my eyes. I'm obviously a concealer addict! The shade I got was the lightest, in Fair.
This was £5.49 from Boots!

"Tattoo me" really screamed to me, I always want my eyeliner to stay on for ages! I put this on my eyes earlier to try it out and even my Bioderma struggled to take this off, definitely seems promising. 
This was £4.99 again from Boots.

Well that took a while, thanks for reading guys :-)