Thursday, 30 January 2014

Latest everyday make up!

Hello lovelies, I know its been a while but I'm back with lots of posts lined up for you all! Today's post is my latest everyday make up, this tends to change a lot as I'm always trying out different things I've brought, so I thought I'd show you what bits I'm using at the mo!

The first picture is this really cool storage. The rest of my make up is stored in my Muji drawers (upcoming blog post spoiler!), but I have all my favourite, most used pieces in this storage container from Ebay, click here to see it! This is really handy if you want to get ready super quick in the mornings.

First we've got primers, two sorts, a face primer and an eye primer! The face primer is L'oreal studio secrets anti dull primer, this is a pinky coloured primer. I'm not sure how much it helps my skin not look "dull" but it definitely helps the longevity of my make up. Don't be scared of the colour, once rubbed it, it has no colour at all. The eye primer is from Elf (recently ordered some bits from there, and really impressed with a couple!). The colour is "Little miss thing", a golden bronze pencil. I've worn this a few times, alone and with shadow over the top, and I'd definitely say it works best with shadow over the top. Let me know if you want me to show you some of the bits I picked up from Elf!

Next we've got foundations! I keep two in here, mainly because one is matte and the other quite glowly. If I'm having a good skin day I'll go for the Rimmel Wake me up foundation as it gives a lovely glow to the skin. However if my skin is bad, I'll go for the Rimmel Match perfection foundation, as I wouldn't want the Wake me up, to highlight any blemishes, and the match perfection has a little bit more coverage. I do really enjoy Rimmel foundations!

Three concealers in my everyday favourites, a lot but they all have they're uses! The first one is the Seventeen Heavy duty under eye concealer, this isn't the concealer I use for under my eyes the most, but I want to try it out more, so it's there! Next is Benefit Erase paste, this is more my skin colour than the other concealers so works wonders for any blemishes! Finally, we have Collection's lasting perfection concealer (used so much, the writings come off!), I'm sure you've heard everyone raving about this concealer. It's brilliant under the eyes, great coverage, amazing longevity and doesn't crease on me!

Next we've got face powders (sort of!). The first is a blush from Elf, this is brilliant! Highly pigmented, and a gorgeous rosy pink with golden shimmer, not to mention the amazing price (under £4!). Next to that is my setting powder, Mac mineralize Skin finish Natural, you've probably heard this a million times but this is a gorgeous powder. Funny to say that about a powder, but it does leave such a lovely look on your skin, without feeling too heavy.

Next is the only eyeshadows I have in here and my brow kit. The eyeshadows are the Urban Decay Naked basics palette, gorgeous matte colours, so easy to do an everyday look without thinking too much. If you have darker brows like me you can also use some of these shades as a brow colour & if you use the black shadow on an angled brush and apply where you would liquid liner, it looks just the same, but so much easier. My brow kit is from Seventeen, very affordable and comes with everything you need. A brow gel, powder, highlighter, pencil and brush are all included, this would be brilliant for someone just starting to do their brows. 

Next is the miscellaneous products, they're didn't really fit elsewhere :( First is my Maybelline brow masacara, this is just like hairspray but for your brows! After filling them in and defining them how I like, I swipe the mascara over them, and I can guarantee they'll stay in place all day. If you do purchase this, be careful to apply with a light hand to avoid making your brows look crispy. Next is a holy grail, this is Rimmels volume flash mascara, it does things to my lashes that I haven't had another mascara do! Finally when I was ordering some bits off Elf, the Zit zapper caught my eye, I was having a break out at the time. I don't want to give an opinion on this yet as I haven't had it long, but its just there so its close to hand to put on those pesky blemishes.

Next we have lip products, the first product I have is Collections Cream puff lipgloss in "Candyfloss", I don't tend to wear pinks as bright as this on my lips a lot but this is fast becoming an everyday use of mine, dries onto my lips a lovely colour and a great price- no faults. Next is another Elf product, this is a Matte lip colour in "Tea Rose", when I saw this on the website I was expecting it to have more colour than it does. However these products are listed under lip sticks but also under lip pencils, so I may just use this with something over the top. Guess where the next product is from...Elf! This is a lip stain in Pink petal. This product really disappointed me, its extremely sheer, but I can chuck it on quickly, so I'll keep it there for now!

Last but not least is some more lip products. The first is Maybellines baby lips, I have it in "Minty fresh", I would have preferred to have a tinted one but my Superdrug run out before I got my hands on one! However, tinted or not, this is still a lovely nourishing lip balm. Next is one of my favourite lip sticks, this is Macs Pretty Please, which is a Matte. I find this very wearable, and not especially drying. Finally, the last product is a Max factor sample lipstick I have in English Rose,this is a gorgeous darker pink/ slightly coral and leaves a lovely sheen on my lips!

So that's it for what's in my everyday make up stash, a little insight into my collection. 
Thanks for reading,
Rosie xxx

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