Thursday, 9 January 2014

Tattoo time!

Before we get into this post I wanted to say I know that tattoos aren't everyone's thing but when I was deciding what to get I read a lot about tattoos so I thought I'd write my own post about my experience. As a disclaimer I'd like to say I was the legal age when I got this done (18), and I thought long and hard about what to get etc. With that done lets talk about tattoos! 

 This is the tattoo I got, its on my forearm and I love it!

This is the original design I'd wanted, but after trying out the stencils on my arm in so many different positions I decided to get the top one! 

Why did you get it?
There's been certain times at my life where I haven't believed in myself,no matter how many people told me I should. Now I do believe in myself (majority of the time!) and I think it's very important to be able to do that. It's just a message to remind myself that no matter what's going on,I need to feel like I can do whatever I set my mind too.

I originally planned to have the quote in two lines on my wrist. However when I got to the tattooists, he tried the stencil out in different places, and this was one of the places he tried it out, I really liked it here! I feel it can be easily covered up too,when I need it to be.

The upper parts of the tattoo wasn't too bad,it wasn't painless but it was bearable. It felt like a dragged out cat scratch. The part closest to my wrist,especially the 'B' hurt the worst! However the tattooist was lovely and did this part very quickly. The pain wouldn't put me off getting another tattoo.

For this size and style id say it should have been around £30,however I knew the tattooist so got it discounted but I think it should have been around £30!

The aftercare wasn't too bad. My tattooist just recommended to wash it regularly,like you normally would in the shower anyway. The worst part of the aftercare came about two days after I got it,when it started to scab (they're meant to scab,for your skin to heal),during this time you can't pick or scratch it,which was so hard as it was so itchy! During this time as well your tattoo can look almost patchy but this was just the scabs,don't worry,like I did! It's completely normal! The scabbing lasted around a week and looked normal after this time.

Thanks for reading,
Rosie xxx

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