Thursday, 2 January 2014

Favourite beauty products of 2013!

First off I want to say I hope you had a brilliant New Years Eve and I wish you all the luck I can for 2014! Its that time of the year again, here's my favourite beauty products from the whole of 2013. I haven't gone for the categories,as I may not have a favourite lipbalm etc, I wouldn't want to pick one for the sake of it,I wanted to show you my absolute favourites, so I've picked the top 25 :-)

In the first picture is my favourite brushes, as you can see they consist of a lot of Real Techniques brushes! I have tried a lot of other brushes this year and I feel these give me the best effect and they're affordable. The first brush is the Real Techniques "Buffing brush", I find this brush perfect for liquid foundation,as the name states, it is great for buffing the foundation right into your skin. This is one of the softest brushes I have for my face, and I haven't found that it shreds yet. The next favourite brush of mine is the Real Techniques "Contour brush", I use this for contouring (obviously!), but it can also be used for highlight or blush if you fancied! I feel this brush picks up the right amount of product and this one is also so so soft! My next and final Real Techniques brush is the "Pointed foundation brush", I don't use this for foundation, I don't like these sorts of brushes for that, I feel they don't blend as well as other brushes. However I do like using this brush to blend in my concealer,  as it is pointed it's really easy to get into certain places, like the bottom of your nose, I'm glad I found another use for this brush, you can always use any brush for any use if you feel like it works! My final brush is the Mac 208 brush, the "Angled eyebrow brush", as I've said on another blog post, this has made doing my eyebrows so much easier! This brush is perfect and versatile, it could also be used for putting eyeshadow across your lid (like eyeliner, but softer). 

In the second picture is some of my favourite face products. The first is my Mac Matchmaster foundation in "1.0". This foundation is supposed to adapt to your skintone, I'm not sure how much of that is does, but I like the coverage and longevity this foundation has, and I also like that it has SPF 15 it in, so I don't have to worry about putting sun protection on my face as well! I tend to use this foundation in the evenings, or during the day when I feel I need a bit more coverage than normal. The next product is Rimmels Wake me up foundation in "100 Ivory". This is a lovely dewy foundation,not too heavy on your skin and easily blendable. This was great in Summer mixed with my moisturiser, really great price,definitely recommendable! My next face favourite was my MUA pro face mist,this is comparable to MAC fix+. This is great to use if you feel like you've over powdered or if your skins feeling a little dry,like water for your face. You do have to be careful with this as if you use too much it can leave your face feeling wet! I really loved this through the Summer months especially. It can also be used on an eyeshadow brush before applying eyeshadow to intensify the colour. Benefit Erase Paste was another favourite this year,this was brilliant for concealing blemishes on my face,too heavy for under the eyes but brilliant everywhere else,the coverage is great! This was rather expensive,at around £18 a pot,but I've had it since March and still got plenty left,you don't need a lot! I would definitely splurge on this product. My last base product that I loved was Collection's lasting perfection concealer,after hearing Zoella talk about this I had to try it out! This is perfect for under eye concealing,very buildable and very affordable! 

My next favourites are powders. The first I loved was Macs mineralized skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle' as you can see it's a gorgeous gold colour with darker gold veining. I love this as a highlight or on my cheeks during summer. This is expensive but versatile,it can also be used as an eyeshadow,imagine how much use you'd get if you just used it like that! The next is also a MAC product,another skinfinish,but nautural. Doesn't look like anything special,just a boring face powder, but this feels velvety on your face and I love it so set all my face make up. On the right is a Sleek product, this is a contour kit,with a lovey contour colour and gorgeous highlight colour. This is a product that'll keep your purse and face happy! 

My next favourites are some eye products. This might sound silly but I didn't own Urban Decays primer poition until 2013! You've probably heard a million other beauty bloggers/you tuners bang on about this,so I don't need to say much, but it does do exactly what everyone says,keeps your eyeshadow in place for ages and stops it from creasing! Bobbi Browns gel eyeliner in black is my next favourite,I've used plenty of other gel eyeliners before this one but this one is lovely to use. Doesn't dry up quickly, and easy to do eyeliner in a few strokes with this. My last favourite was this category was Rimmels 24 hour colour tatoo in 'On & On bronze' this is great as a base or just as a wash of colour,they have this in lots of colours and for under a fiver!

My next two favourites are at completely different ends of the price spectrum! First is an MUA eyeshadow palette in 'Heaven And Earth' this is an amazing price,around £6 for 12 shadows,and these are amazingly pigmented! You can get so many looks out of this one palette,day or night,all these shades are shimmery and gorgeous! My next palette is the higher end of the market! This is Urban Decays Naked basics palette around £20 for 6 shades,all are matte apart from one which is slightly shimmery.  This has gorgeous neutral shades but can be easily smoked up for an evening look. I would recommend this,the shades are lovely,pigmented and again you can also get so many looks out of one palette and it comes with a lovely big mirror in the compact! 

Lip products are my next favourites! I picked up Lushs lip scrub in popcorn back in September,this makes my lips so smooth and tastes delicious,and is a good price! I love this product. My next favourite is Rimmels apocalips in "304- Eclipse",a gorgeous deep berry shade,this has amazing staying power,affordable too! 

My next favourites are two Topshop lip products. The first is a lippy in "Beguiled",a rich,deep red shade and not drying! The other product is a lipgloss in "Cruel",this a a sheer berry/red shade.

The rest of my favourites are a bit random now! The first is Schwarzkopfs got2b guardian angel heat defence spray,this is an essential for me! I always try to protect my hair from heat when I dry/straighten it. This smells so gorgeous and as far as I can tell it protects my hair,it's not dry at all! Next to that is my Aussie volume and gloss hairspray,this is one of the best hairsprays I have tried. It smells lovely and keeps my hair in place,without looking greasy whatsoever!

My last favourites are my tangle teaser and my Bioderma. My tangle teaser has made brushing my hair after a shower so much easier! I have naturally very knotty hair and it doesn't matter if I've used a leave in conditioner,this is amazing for set de-tangling my hair without pain! My final favourite product of 2013 is Bioderma,this is a great cleanser,removes any trace of make up and leaves my face feeling lovely and soft!

So that's it! All my favourites of 2013,I hope you enjoyed it and maybe found some products you'd like to try out yourself! Thanks for reading,
Rosie xxx

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