Thursday, 26 December 2013

Few early sale bits!

Naughty Rosie

First off I want to say I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day! I know it's Boxing day, and this isn't very Christmassey but I wanted to show you some purchases I made earlier this week. It's happened again! I was let loose in Boots and Superdrug and I was a bit naughty,but it felt sooo good. 

My first stop was Superdrug, I say stop, I was there a while!

Real techniques powder brush, I saw this in Superdrug last week and it was the last one then, but I talked myself out of it because I have so many powder brushes, but I went back today and it was still there, so I had to get it! 
This was £10.99 from Superdrug!

Do you ever get out of the shower and you just don't have the energy to moisturise? This could be my new holy grail shower product! Just sounds so time saving. 
I got the 400ml bottle for normal skin, this was £3.39 from Superdrug.

I'd seen this in Superdrug a few times before, but I'd never picked it up, today it took my fancy though! Beautiful bottle, hopefully the product is the same!
£5.99 from Superdrug.

I remember the hype about these products! I never really went out of my way to get these, but these was the last of any of the Babylips in my Superdrug, and I couldn't resist leaving it! I got the mint one.
This was £2.99 from Superdrug.

This is the MUA Pro face kit. It includes a foundation, and two concealers, as well as a brush and a sponge. I just thought I'd try it out!
This was £4.00 on sale from Superdrug.

This is the Gosh Skin perfecting kit in "Light". I was torn between buying this kit or the MUA kit, so I chose both! Naughty but worth it. I'm excited to try this out!
This was £9.99 from Superdrug.

This took my fancy as I walked past it! This promises to smooth facial areas for a matte finish, target visible pores, and create an excellent base for make up, so we'll see!
This was £8.66 on offer and again from Superdrug.

I then popped into Boots, only wanted to look at the Soap and Glory bits!

This is a gorgeous lipgloss from Collection, I spotted this last week too, but talked myself out of it because I'd brought so much! I couldn't stop myself when I saw this today though. The shade is "Candy floss".
This was £2.99 from Boots. 

I went into Boots to look at the Soap and Glory products in the first place! It was a 3 for 2 offer but I decided that I'd already spent too much today. This smell so nice, can't wait to use this!
This was £6.50 for 500ml from Boots.

This was the reason all the other Seventeen products got brought! This was £6 by itself or free if you spent over £8, so obviously I spent the £8. At the moment I'm using my Fashionista brow kit, or some shades from my Naked basics palette, but I saw this and I thought I'd give it a go!
This worked out free from Boots. 

As if I didn't buy enough concealers today! This is the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint (the Paint almost put me off!), but it describes itself as a heavy duty under eye concealer, and if you look inside my make up bag, you'll know how much I try to cover the dark circles under my eyes. I'm obviously a concealer addict! The shade I got was the lightest, in Fair.
This was £5.49 from Boots!

"Tattoo me" really screamed to me, I always want my eyeliner to stay on for ages! I put this on my eyes earlier to try it out and even my Bioderma struggled to take this off, definitely seems promising. 
This was £4.99 again from Boots.

Well that took a while, thanks for reading guys :-)

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