Friday, 25 October 2013

What's my blog called?!

Today I've decided to do a post on contouring- after all that is what's in the blog title! Contouring is the art of slimming down parts of our faces eg. our cheeks, this always makes our cheekbones more prominent. You can also use contouring to slim down your nose and to hide a double chin! To contour probably you use a shade slightly darker than your skin tone, your face powder two shades darker would do the trick, for these images I've used Sleek contouring kit in "light", I believe they do a light, medium and dark shade, Sleek are great at offering something for everyone! The first image is me exaggerating where to contour (obviously you wouldn't use that much!), but I wanted to give you an idea. I've also exaggerated the highlight shade on top of the contouring, you use highlighters where the sun would naturally hit your face, eg,where I've used it above the contouring down the middle of your nose, underneath your browbone and your cupids bow! Furthermore also put blush on over the contouring, for the blush I have used Accessorize cream blush in "Rose". The second picture is showing my cheeks after blending in the contouring (this is not the colours from the first picture, I applied a little of the contour kit for these results), you can definitely see my cheekbones are brought out more. I also applied a smidge of the highlighter just above the contour as well. The fifth and sixth picture are the kit with and without a flash, the dark colour looks very scary, but its fine if used sparingly! The following picture is of the cream blush, a lovely pinky/ slightly coral shade, looks bright but I promise it isn't when blended! The final picture is of Kim Kardashion, who clearly has a harsher contour/highlight, which works with her skin tone.
As I've done I post  on contouring, I have to do one on cookies now don't I?! Keep an eye out for that!

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