Friday, 8 November 2013

Lip gloss collection!

Mixture of LancÔme juicy tubes, a MUA tube & also a Clinque tube

Benefit gloss,Missguided, Collection 2000 & Revlon

LancÔme gloss, Bodyshop, Accessorize & MUA (This MUA lip gloss is a cheat, it's a lipgloss at one end and a lip stick at the other,not sure what to class it as!)

These three are my favourite glosses! The first on the left is a Bodyshop Liquid lip colour in "16", this is just a typical hot pink shade, but the consistency is lovely, slightly thicker than your average lipgloss meaning it stays on your lips longer than normal, and the smell is lovely!  However this colour is very sheer,matte but also very shiny.
The lip gloss in the middle is an Accessorize gloss, I think this was one of my first Accessorize products, the lovely, cute packaging due me in (of course it was going to be nice packaging, its Accessorize!). This lip gloss is also thick but very pigmented, it's a mixture of pink and coral, depending on the light you're in. Also this lipgloss has a lot of shimmer particles in it, something I don't mind! This gloss does feel very smooth on your lips!
The final gloss is Benefit in the shade "Patootie", I love benefit products, the packaging and names never fail to make me smile! This shade is a very pearly pale pink (something I didn't realise when I ordered online!). This one also smells lovely, I've got a thing with nice smelly lip products, I don't really tend to sniff my other products- just lip glosses!  This is a very shiny gloss (more so than the Bodyshop shade) . I do feel that my lips are left very moisturised after using this, however it is a tad on the sticky side! 

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