Monday, 18 November 2013

"Typical day" in pictures!

 8am; Getting ready in the morning
9am; Porridge for breakfast (great slow release!) and a tea
10am; By this time I was in business studies at sixth form, had a whole morning full of it
11am; The next two pictures are from my break, which consisted of candy crush & even more tea
12pm; Had frees for the rest of the afternoon so cracked on with some Law work
1pm; Lunchtime! I forgot to picture my baguette (chicken&mayo,mmm!), but I had a wagon wheel and Sunbites crisps with it (these are so nice)
2pm; On the way to my friends (Louise), so took a picture of the countryside scenery
3pm; Was getting a drink at my friends now & watching a bit of afternoon tv
4pm; We moved onto Mario Kart on the wii, becoming a bit of an addiction
5pm; I had an hours driving lesson now and forgot to take a picture, sorry :( 
6pm; Driving lesson over (hill starts-sad face) then a bit of dinner, meatballs and mash, was quite lovely
7pm; Shower time! 
8pm; Guilty tv time, Keeping up with the Kardashions. Everyone has their guilty tv choice!
9pm; Watching Anchal's "My brother does my make up" video,Anchal is from Daily Mix's Beauty bootcamp
10pm; Made in Chelsea time! Wanted to get this blog post out earlier so added a picture of the cast instead! But there's no questioning that at 10pm sharp I'll have E4 on,sitting comfy, ready for the drama!

Thanks for reading guys, just wanted to show you a "typical" day in my life,

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